Tennis and pickleball players of all ages & skill levels are looking for simple ways to record themselves playing. There is no easier way then to quickly take out your smart phone or GoPro and hit record! However, there is no current mechanism to connect a smartphone or GoPro to a mount that can be used on a tennis court. The Tennis and Pickleball Mount has several ease-of-use features including:


  • Effortlessly hangs on standard tennis fence, net, or indoor screen

  • Collapsible pole to fit in a tennis bag

  • Multiple recording angles

  • Lightweight & easily portable

Tennis and Pickleball Mount

  • Each Tennis and Pickleball Mount comes with:

    - hook


    - extension pole

    - smartphone attachment

    - GoPro attachment


    Designed and developed in the USA

    - 1.5 lbs

    - extends from 2-4 feet

    - compatible with all smart phones