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Tennis & Pickleball players: Want to easily livestream matches, record practice, or use the SwingVision app? Then the enhanced Tennis & Pickleball Mount is for you, with additional ease-of-use features including a proprietary Movement Resistance Bar and longer extension pole for higher fences. The Tennis & Pickleball Mount 2.0 effortlessly hangs on a tennis fence, net, or indoor screen, collapses down from over 5 feet to 26 inches, fits in a tennis bag, has multiple recording angles for smartphones and action cameras, and is sturdy yet easily portable. Developed, assembled, and shipped in the USA!


  • Effortlessly hangs on standard tennis fence, net, or indoor screen

Tennis and Pickleball Mount 2.0

  • Each Tennis and Pickleball Mount comes with:

    - hook

    - extension pole with Movement Resistance Bar

    - smartphone attachment

    - GoPro attachment


    Designed and developed in the USA

    - 2 lbs

    - extends from 2ft to over 5 feet

    - compatible with all smart phones

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