Quality Assured

  • Where can I hang the Tennis Mount? The product is designed to be hung over a standard tennis fence, tennis net, or indoor tennis curtain.  However, if used during match play, do not hang on the net.

  • Are the Smart Phone and GoPro attachments interchangeable?  Yes.  

  • Can I use it during a match?  While there are no USTA rules against using a recording device, please be respectful and ask your opponent (or opponent's representative if a minor) for approval. 

  • What if the ball hits my phone?  Please be mindful and use common sense on when/where you hang the Tennis Mount.  MD Sporting Solutions is not responsible for damaged cell phones.

  • Can the Tennis Mount be used for other sports?  Absolutely.  

  • What kind of phone can I use?  The Tennis Mount is compatible with most smart phone up to 3.5 inches wide.  There mount has rubber grip and a strap to securely hold your phone.